ETI Project : Evaluating To improve

What is the ETI project ?

The ETI project is a european study that has been developed by six countries ( Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France and Germany) from 2019 to 2023. This project was funded through the Erasmus+ programme .The aim of this project was first to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the periodic training programs of drivers by assessing to what extend the investment in training does or does not result in observable behavioral changes in the job.

Secondly, the project ambition was also to highlight what characteristics of the current situation stimulate or prevent this transfer of training to day-to-day reality and what can be done to improve the transfer.

In order to analyze this impact, 4 key indicators have been selected to measure impact at four levels:

  1. Training: does the training run smoothly and according to the wishes and expectations of trainees, trainers, institutes and law-makers?
  2. Skills: have the trainees acquired additional skills and or knowledge?
  3. Job: is there behavioral change on the job?
  4. Objectives: is what happens on the ground in line with high-level objectives of law-makers and/or the transport sector?

Additionally to measuring the impact, the project took also into account, the attitude of trainees and trainers, and the circumstances on the job that prevent or stimulate transfer of training on the field.

Result n°1 : Methodology 

The central focus of this project is to develop and implement a methodology for evaluating training programs for professional drivers in Europe. The evaluation process will ensure information from the field is flowing back to policy makers, program and course developers, trainers and employers. This will create a feedback loop that will ensure continuous improvement of training.

The information that is gathered through the evaluation will be translated into actionable recommendations that will inform policy makers, developers and trainers alike to make choices on how to invest in the training programs and how to increase the quality and efficiency of the training provided.

Result n°2 : National reports

The ETI project is the result of a collaboration between different European countries, as mentioned above, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France and Germany participated in this study. 

Each country has produced a report, in which conclusions and recommendations are formulated for all national stakeholders (training institutes, employers, employees and authorities).

These reports are available below:

Result n°3 : European report

The aim of the ETI project was also and mainly to produce a Europe-wide report to compare the implementation of the directive and the results of the effectiveness of training on comparable topics at national level.

It also aims to contribute to all stakeholders, but especially to the European legislator, in particular the European Commission.

For cases where a new revision of the existing legislation is prepared and the existing legislation is evaluated.

You will find below the European report and a related annex: