The Future of Collective Passenger Transport by Road

During the seminar a number of these future challenges were discussed. First we looked at the short-term future with two case studies of new markets that can be conquered for bus and coach. In the mid-term, we looked at what to expect from regulatory changes such as road pricing and further steps in liberalization. Finally, we discussed if and how self-driving vehicles will impact the long-term future of the sector. We ended the seminar with a debate among representatives of some of the major political parties in Belgium.

The entire conference programme and the conference leaflet can be found beneath. By clicking on the presentation names, the hand-outs can be downloaded.

Conference Programme



13:40 THE SHORT-TERM FUTURE: (Re)conquering markets for bus and coach

  • The office bus - Nicole Van Doninck (VIM)
  • Long haul coach connections - Dr. Steven Lannoo (ICB)

14:20 THE MID-TERM FUTURE: Liberalisation and road pricing

  • Road pricing and the competitiveness of bus and coach - Prof. dr. Stef Proost (KU Leuven)
  • Benefits and drawbacks of liberalisation in collective passenger transport - Dr. Arnoud Mouwen (VU Amsterdam)


15:40 THE LONG-TERM FUTURE: The impact of self-driving vehicles

  • How will self-driving vehicles change the collective passenger transport sector? - Prof. dr. Chris Tampère (KU Leuven)

16:20 CLOSING DEBATE: What role for government in the future of the sector?

  • An Poot (CD&V), Bjorn Rzoska (Groen!), David Geerts (SP.A), Lode Vereeck (Open VLD), Julien Vandeburie (Ecolo), Bruno Caria (CDH), Marc Cools (MR).
  • Moderator: Prof. dr. Frank Witlox (Ghent University, BIVEC-GIBET chairman)


This conference was organised by BIVEC-GIBET and ICB